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"Iroquois" by Cemeteries // Track & Field Summer Compilation Vol. 1 (Out 7.29.14 via Track and Field Records)

It’s been a pretty great summer (so far) for random one off singles and pre-release promos. The result usually finds me adding another name to my list of anticipated releases. When it comes to Cemeteries, it’s a name that stays on top of the list. Kyle J. Reigle’s haunting dream pop project is currently do for a new full length sometime in the next few months (release date TBD). In the meantime, Reigle’s contribution to the forthcoming Summer compilation from Track & Field records is here to satiate that hunger/anticipation. “Iroquois” finds the artist expanding and exploring new areas of his sound. There’s an ominous urgency here that calls to mind the earlier post-punk days of The Cure, but at the same time “Iroquois” feels one hundred percent like Cemeteries - which is always a good thing. In a very short amount of time, Reigle’s work has developed into a signature that feels wholly his own. When I look around at other bands exploring dream pop and shoegaze sounds, no one is doing it like Cemeteries. There’s an eerily beautiful atmosphere hovering over these tracks, that feels cinematic and alive in a way that very few artists are capturing these days, and it’s just one more reason to be excited for whatever is coming down the line from Cemeteries. 

Be sure to check out volume one of the Track & Field Summer Compilation, for this and many other tracks from up and coming artists. Of course, be sure to keep an eye peeled for that sophomore release from Cemeteries later this year. Highest possible recommendation. 

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TV Girl with @cemeteriesmusic tonight, perfect night.

TV Girl with @cemeteriesmusic tonight, perfect night.

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I’m so done with being sad

I want to be cute and productive and bubbly and not constantly worried about things like my life and future and inevitable death. 


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Write a letter and then mail it. We could start a club, meet in a secret place, with blankets, records, paper, and instruments. Let’s be kids again.

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azul toga - song one

azul toga (Jon Clowdus) put out his EP, #1, earlier this year, a collection of hazy, loop based pop tunes. Since its release I’ve found myself regularly revisiting these tracks and they seem to get better the more I listen.

song one, the EP’s opener, layers synthesizers over drum machine beats to create something that still feels lush despite its simplistic structure, and while a song that’s built on synthetic elements could end up cold and sterile, the production here feels warm and even intimate. With music that’s loop based there’s always a risk of coming off impersonal or lazy but with azul toga neither of those worries feel true. There’s still plenty of detail in these loops and the delivery of these tracks feels genuine. The vocals definitely help here, with Jon delivering catchy melodies under a thick layer of reverb. There’s a warmth in his voice too, which fits right in with the rest of the track and fills in the empty spaces perfectly. The repetitive nature of the songs on this EP just never really feels like a problem, likely because Jon hits a sweet spot in track length and the songs never run for longer than they’re worth. You actually feel inclined to listen again as soon as a song is over.

Track and Field Records gave #1 a cassette release which you can find right here. Digital downloads can be found through the link below. 

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Dear friends,

There will be a new Cemeteries song out and about next week that I wrote for a summer compilation that Kate and I are putting out.

The second Cemeteries record is pretty much done and I’ll share some release plans once I have any idea what they are (right now, I have no idea when or how it will be released).

I’m working pretty hard on a photography/lyric book to accompany the next record and if it turns out how I’m imagining it to turn out, it might be more exciting than the record itself.

Other than that I’m working a lot, re-watching a lot of terrible 90s/early 00s horror films from my childhood, trying to make new friends, reading The Shining and hoping that this summer is productive but relaxing and enjoyable.

I hope you’re doing well and please feel free to reach out if you aren’t (or even if you are).

Your friend,


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Anonymous said: <333


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I’ve already heard the two best songs of 2014 and they’re called “Windows” and “Shadow’s Song”.

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